Welcome to the about oodblo section of oodblo. We hope your stay here hasn't been too awkward yet.

"oodblo" is "food blog", squished together and with the first and last letters removed.* Yeah, nobody gets that, it's fine.

Moving on.

I am an East Dallas based person/blogger, keen on making food, saying to those around me "look at this shit I just made", quickly taking pictures of it, then eating it. Hopefully while still hot.

My oven looks like a tiny prop oven, but somehow, hand in handle, we manage.

oodblo examines food and other things, has a few laughs at others' expense and tries not to spill.**

*Similarly, "blog" is "web log" squished together but with the first two letters removed. I thought I was being really fucking clever.
**You'd be clumsy too if you had bourbon for lunch.  

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