Wednesday, May 23, 2012

chicken & waffles

Look, I'm not going to insult your intelligence by pretending that this is anything more than an ad hoc post; just wanted to put up the 2 pictures. We both know that. We also both know that chicken and waffles is a fad enjoying a run of popularity that'll soon be gone. Not gone gone, but back to the relative status it held before*, like a 70's actor making a comeback in a Tarrantino flick. Chicken and waffles isn't a game changer. It's not lollipop cupcakes or vending machines that sell nachos. But whatever. I enjoy it.

i'm just a little fella
I'll miss chicken and waffles. It's an oddball combo that sounds like it was invented by a 9 year old stacking plates on a Luby's tray (or better) with reckless abandon, all while planning to get two desserts. I had eaten a ton of both dead bird and waffles in my 10 or 11 years before I even became aware that they could co-exist on the same plate. Thank you Fresh Prince (whatever happened to that dude?) for teaching me... If you can't trust something you learned about by watching Fresh Prince, what can you trust?

*Stuff like shrimp and grits too. You just can't imprint regional comfort foods on somebody when they're 30 or 40.

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