Tuesday, May 22, 2012

migas tacos

Do we really need a recipe for a breakfast taco? You can scramble eggs, right? Or at least get your butler to do it. If you don't like the way your butler does it, or if your butler's a dick & "doesn't do breakfast tacos" you can ask a guidance counselor or librarian or really any trusted adult to do it for you. Of course you need flour tortillas too. But that's basically it: tortilla, eggs, other stuff.

Migas are another texas fave. Like a deconstructed b-fast taco, but with the tortilla (fried corn tortilla strips or tortilla chips) mixed in. Inspired by a taco at a popular east dallas joint, I decided to make my own migas taco. Thought about tipping the cap to huevos rancheros with some ranchero sauce, but decided to keep it simple (be lazy). And given that I did not do the ranchero thing, I haven't a clue why I needed to share.

migas breakfast tacos

(serves you)

2 eggs
2 warmed tortillas
cilantro, chopped
jalapeno, chopped
cooked bacon 1or 2 slices, chopped
small handful of tortilla chips, lightly crushed
hot sauce (rooster baby)
cotija cheese for garnish

beat the eggs in a bowl.

add cilantro, bacon, tortilla chips & jalapenos.

add some oil to a pan on med low-ish.

cook the egg mixture like scrambled eggs. seriously? you'll figure it out. Like 2-3 minutes.

serve on warmed tortillas. garnish with hot sauce, lime wedges & crumbled cotija.

Would be incredible with a layer of refried black beans slathered onto the tortilla. Just sayin'. You could also add the cilantro last, but I saw them cook it into the eggs at this place and their breakfast tacos are the best, so that's how I do it now. Sorry, other place I mentioned (wamps).
Get the hell into my goddamn mouth.

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