Wednesday, May 23, 2012

fish stick 'n' chips taco

They don’t all have to be glamorous meals do they? You're not gonna have beef wellington every night, right? Unless...admittedly, I don’t know who the hell would do that. Maybe a hipster? Am I weird for wanting to know who that hipster’s butcher is? I dunno, bad example... 
There's gotta be something occasionally that is so shameful that you wouldn’t want anyone to know you were eating it. Not ever. Shame shoveling that leftover fried mac and cheese from the fair into your mouth while sitting in your car at work. Eating your “lunch” at 10:33 am because you’re fucking starving, also so nobody sees you. Not that that would stop you. uh huh.

That is, you would be ashamed if it weren’t so goddamned awesome. 

From the inventor of the burger with a fried egg on top (it’s me. hey, my great grandfather claimed he invented blueberry pancakes; I’m claiming the burger with the fried egg on top), I give you the fish and chips taco. 
I love fish tacos, I love fish and chips. and like all good Americans, I like to overdo a good thing and/or put two or more good things together for no reason (like the soda fountain at cici's). Plus I’m lazy enough to think of it as killing two birds with one stone. And gluttonous enough to eat the unholy result. And the result? Gl-mothereffing-ory. Oh also, save for the tortillas, there’s barely anything fresh in this recipe. Still, as satisfying as watching a goat eat a tin can and then eating the goat. 
trainwreck of flavor. hundreds killed.
fish ‘n’ chips taco
makes 2 
cooked fish sticks, like 6 of em
equal amount of cooked frozen fries
smoked jalapeno mayo*
crumbled cotija
lime or lemon wedges
chopped parsley or cilantro
2 scoops canned corn
2 flour tortillas
assemble that shit on warm tortillas


don’t say i never gave you nothin'.
*it's what it sounds like. there's no recipe, just use your head. Store bought mayo lasts a disturbingly long time btw.

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